Ultimate Links Building Service - First Sesion

Ultimate Links Building Service - First Sesion. I came accross an interesting situation today that volunteers a SEO service called 'Free Backlink Service or Lings Building 4 Free' and thought I'd give it a go and cater you all with a review of what it was like.

I first came accross this situation a mates calendar months back when I was looking to purchase textual matter connexion advertizements for one of my many blog sites, it went jolly good so I thought I would give it a try. The system itself is so uncomplicated its flair. The webmaster selling the system courses and controls a popular Web Templates land site where peoples go and down loading guides for use on thier own website. The webmaster proffers to pose your connectednesses in the walker of around 20 of these guides. The more these templets are downloaded and used, the more connections you get back to your internet site.

The more pages that the internet sites using your guide or idea makes, the more connections you have, thus making it a viral organisation. So this sounded awful and I made up one's mind to sign up, after all the damage he was asking for a 2 month subscription was nominal compared to what I am use to paying for quality data links. Sure enough after 2 days of signing up I had around 18 guides up for download with my little data link in the pedestrian back to one of my web sites. After about 2 workweeks the guides had been downloaded around 200 prison terms.